SG Felt Creative Workshop – Burger Set


Sew your own felt handicraft to create another new toy world for your kids. Felt toys build your child’s imagination and creativity.

Imaginative play is one of the impactful approaches to child’s left and right hemisphere development. What could be more meaningful than creating toys from love.

Create your burger at home with fun! Making your own felt burgers and felt French fries in each style and preference.  Imaginative play is one of the impactful approach to child’s left and right hemisphere development, children can also express themselves and play freely with words in their own ‘me’ time.

It is washable (hand wash) and comfortable material. Great gift for kids ages 3+.

1 Set of burger bun

1 Patty

2 Lettuce

2 Tomatoes

1 Cheese

1 Ketchup

1 Mustard

1 French fries

Min 3 pax, Max 5 pax per class , $ 88 / pax (raw material inclusive), every sat 10am & 11am. Do indicate your timing preference.



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