Gel Classic Pedicure


Gel Classic Pedicure
A must have nail care indulgence for all ladies. Gel classic pedicure uses gel-based polish and requires LED light to cure the polish. It is indeed a more durable choice than a regular classic polish.
This includes soaking the feet, cutting the cuticles, thorough cleaning, scrub and calf massage followed by gel colour application. In addition to the treatment, you will also enjoy foot collagen socks that provide deep-moisturizing skincare, cuticle treatment and UV protection. The collagen and vitamin E emulsion inside the glove hydrate effectively.
Benefits of pedicure:
• Stimulates blood circulation
• Healthy well groomed nails
• Exfoliation your dead cells as well as removing any calluses on the bottom of your feet.
• Relieves Stress during your ‘Me Time’

Gel Classic Pedicure Pricing
60 – 80 mins – $168

Add-ons : Gel Nail Art Vol1 – $68/set
Gel Removal – $20