Our Story

Massage on the Go (MOG), since 2013, started with the basis to make a difference with the outlook of customer expectation and services. A drive to change the normality in the spa industry, MOG challenges itself to the next level by bringing spa services to your doorsteps.

In MOG, we look at 2 aspects in business, internal and external. For internal, we employ matured workers and under privilege individuals to ensure employability and allowing them to use a skill to earn a decent living and allowing flexible working hours. For external, MOG provides a range of home massage and office massage at your comfort by our trained therapist / manicurist. We strive to achieve fun, unique experience for individuals from home services or to many through corporate events.

Our services include foot reflexology, neck & shoulder, hand reflexology, and good sleep massage, and Swedish massage, shiatsu massage, manicure, pedicure & foot treatment. Individual may engage our service for home massage, family bonding, celebrations, birthday party, baby showers etc. It is a fun and relaxing experience at home and importantly hassles free.  We have also developed wellness workshops (soap making, self remedies massage and even laughing yoga) for companies that would like to create bonding experiences with staff.


We are also delighted to be featured with Singapore’s Finest Services and Best in Singapore as finest home massage & best in Singapore. We pledge to continue to serve our customers with our commitments.